7 danger signs “Breast cancer”

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Breast cancer  is the leading cancer. that kills many Thai women in a year But if you always know how to observe your own body. You will know that your body has sent out some signals that indicate something is wrong with your body.

7 danger signs “Breast cancer”

Cause of birth “Breast cancer” is still unknown.

Breast cancer is a serious disease that in the medical community still does not know its exact cause. But there are supporting factors that cause this disease to occur, namely the hormone estrogen. In women that causes excessive changes in breast tissue cells to cause abnormal growth. The body cannot control its growth. causing those cells to become cancer cells and grow rapidly which may easily spread to other organs

In fact,  there are many types of ” breast cancer  “. But the most common is cancer that arises from the milk ducts. When cancer cells have divided and penetrated the tissue of the milk ducts into the lymphatic ducts. or blood vessels Cancer cells will spread to other parts of the ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com body such as the bones, lungs, liver, or brain. The distinctive feature of this breast cancer is that there are no painful symptoms, no pain, no pain. There will only be a lump that can be felt but not felt. This causes many women to ignore it and think that it is nothing. Until this disease spreads and causes other symptoms, such as abnormally swollen breasts, rotting, cracking, and wounds, then see a doctor. When the air spreads to that extent, it cannot be cured.

Breast cancer risk factors

  • heredity
  • Female, age 40 years and over
  • Have you ever had surgery for a breast lump?
  • Not having children or having difficulty having children
  • Taking hormonal medications for menopause for more than 10 years

Danger Signs of ” Breast Cancer 

  1. Feel and find lumps in the breast area or under the armpits. It may hurt when pressed. Or it doesn’t hurt. (If it’s a cyst, it usually hurts. If it’s a cancer, it usually hurts, but not always.)
  2. The shape and size of the breasts are clearly abnormal. Normally, a woman’s breasts on both sides may be slightly uneven. But if it’s more unusual than usual Or the shape and size are not the same as they used to be. If there is any abnormality, first suspect that something is wrong.
  3. Gently squeeze the breast. Then it was found that lymph, blood, or some kind of fluid was flowing out. (Not counting the case of breastfeeding mothers)
  4. An unexplained wound was found on the nipple area.
  5. The skin around the breast has some areas that are sunken down like dimples.
  6. In the case of a breastfeeding mother An abnormality may be found when milk is released from only one breast. and may cause breast pain or abnormal color of milk (milk with blood)
  7. You may experience swollen, red, inflamed breasts. or have breast pain Even though it’s not the day of menstruation.

How to do an initial breast cancer self-examination

How can you really know whether you have breast cancer or not? Must be checked by a doctor through a mammogram machine. and other equipment related But we can check for basic abnormalities of our breasts by ourselves.

  • Take off your bra. Facing the mirror Observe the two breasts to see if there is much difference. Is the shape different from the original?
  • Stand with feet hips hips and both hands raised. Have you noticed that your breasts have changed shape and are not the same on both sides? Is it facing in a strange direction?
  • Use your ring, middle, index, and three fingers to feel and gently press in a spiral from the nipple out to the breast and base of the breast. Found a strange lump under the breast? Is it painful?
  • Squeeze the nipple gently. Are the nipples sore or fluid coming out?

If abnormalities are found in any way You should go and make sure again with the doctor at the hospital.