Tuchel reveals Chelsea are looking for new players

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Chelsea’s German manager Thomas Tuchel has revealed that Chelsea are still looking for new players in the January transfer window, although they are uncertain if any new players will join. or not

Although Chelsea have a very strong squad both in the starting line. The subs that can be replaced. The problem is that Chelsea are facing injury problems for many key players. The remaining players have to carry. Carrying on the burden of continuing to play. Chelsea’s performance began to deteriorate with not winning several matches in a row until now falling from the 1st place in the table. Having the opportunity to miss the English Premier League championship with a score of It’s behind the number 1 team like Manchester City.

Of course, reinforcement in the January transfer market is a good answer for Chelsea, although it costs more than usual, but with many key players injured like this. Chelsea do not have many options. Only Marcos Alonso is available at left-back. Despite plans to call back Emerson Palmery from Olympique Lyon. But Chelsea are eyeing. Recruit new players to join the UFABET team if Emerson Palmyri is unable to come back.

It is uncertain whether Chelsea will bring in new players, but Thomas Tuchel admits Chelsea are still looking for a new player, with Thomas Tuchel admitting. Tuchel said in an interview. Our situation remains the same. Although some players are still looking for them, but for me personally. I am still satisfied with the strength we have within the team. I hope many of the injured players will be back on the pitch.