Tips on how to calculate roulette payout price On online gambling sites, how to do it?

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Roulette is one of the most popular casino games among both new and expert players. Because it reflects the social aspect that many people desire and is a game that is easy to understand by calculating methods. roulette payout price Despite everything that is possible But it’s a game that you have to understand before you can play. The most important thing to learn is the roulette payout rules. This is because these tell players how likely they are to win each game.

Although these rules are applicable to all casino games. But learning about roulette in particular is very helpful because it is a game that relies on mathematical probability rather than chance. Which is not difficult to see In this article, we will talk about all the payout rules that a player must know before entering the casino in order to get the most profits.

Types of online roulette

Types of online roulette

Before discussing the payment rules for each type Must know the types of roulette first. The roulette that most people are familiar with is American. roulette or american roulette In this version there are 38 slots for the roulette ball to fall.

In the European version of Roulette there are 36 slots in both red and black. The two additional slots in American Roulette are 0 and 00. In European Roulette there is only one 0, making the payouts of the 2 versions quite different. Because without 00, the chances of winning the bet are greater.

The American version has a higher house edge. Makes it difficult to win prizes before they grow up. But don’t give up American roulette is a more popular version. And there are many players who have already won many big prizes.

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roulette payout price How is it calculated?

How do you pay roulette prices?

In the roulette game, the roulette payout price is calculated. When winning bets according to the odds. This allows players to focus on how much winnings they want to prevent blind bets. For example, a 40 to 1 payout ratio indicates that the player will win the bet. 40 baht for 1 baht bet

Betting Formats in Roulette

Betting Formats in Roulette Games

understanding about Roulette payout odds are very simple, as it is important to keep in mind that the payout amount for winning bets differs depending on the type of bet the player bets on. Fortunately in American Roulette. Players have to remember only 2 different betting patterns.

Which means betting on any of the individual numbers. Groups of numbers on the number board on the table But if it is a bet in European or French roulette There will be 3 betting formats.

The so-called announced bet is a type of betting that speaks out what bets will be and leaves the chip on the board. Without the need to place the chip in the exact position the player wants to bet.

roulette payout price For Outside Bets or non-single number bets.

Outside Bets Roulette Payout Price

As already mentioned, outside bets are the safest bets in roulette because they have the highest winning chances because they can win bets more easily than inside bets. who frequent the casinos from time to time usually bet outside bets

It must always be remembered that outside bets are not bets on a specific number on the board. But there is a chance of losing if the result of the ball lands on 0 or 00. Outside bets are non-numeric bets. The details are as follows.

red black

This is one of the popular betting patterns in roulette because it bets on black or red on the board. If the result matches the color chosen by the player Will receive a winning bet of 1 to 1, meaning that will receive an additional amount of 100 baht from a bet of 100 baht. For example, if bet 100 baht on the red box and win, it will receive a total of 200 baht, equal to the amount of the bet. go

Odd-Even Roulette Bet

Even Bets It is a bet on whether the ball will be an even or odd number. If betting on even numbers But the ball lands on the number 0 or 00. The chances of winning or losing in this type of bet are quite equal. So the payout is 1 to 1 just like the red and black bet.

high and low

In the roulette betting board Black and red numbers are divided into 2 groups. For this bet, numbers 1-18 are classified as low numbers and numbers 19-36 are high numbers. To bet, the player has to choose whether to bet on high or low numbers.  Therefore paying the same odds of 1 to 1.

Bet on horizontal rows or columns of roulette.

This horizontal row bet is another bet that does not involve 37 or 38 numbers on the board. Divided into 3 rows of 12 numbers each. One of the numbers that are numbers in a row that the player chooses But the chances of winning in this kind of bet will be less. Makes the payout at 2 to 1. Which means that if bet 100 baht and win, you will get a total refund of 300 baht.

Dozens or 12 slots

Dozens bets are like horizontal rows or columns bets. The difference is not betting on the 12 numbers in each row. Instead, it is a bet on 12 numbers in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd set. It wins only when the ball lands on one of the 12 numbers that the player bet on. The payout is the same as the horizontal bet, paying 2 to 1.

roulette payout price For Inside bets or numbers bets.

Roulette payouts Inside bets

Inside bets mean betting on a single number or a set of numbers on the board in each roulette round. The easy way to remember is to bet on the numbers on the roulette board.

Seasoned players tend to prefer Inside bets because although they won’t win often they get more money when they win. Similar to outside bets. These bets are bets on numbers.

Roulette payout odds

Big number betting means betting on a single number. As it has the lowest winning chance of only 2.70% in European Roulette and 2.63% in American Roulette.

This makes the payouts in this type of betting quite high. Which is the highest payout in this game that has it because the payout rate is 35 to 1, which means that if you bet 100 baht and win, you will get a total of 3,600 baht.

Split or straddle 2 numbers

in this bet Players must place bets on 2 adjacent numbers on the board. This bet is less risky than betting on a single number. 

Street or numbered trailer

A Street bet is a bet on 3 numbers in a row, on the numbers 4,5 and 6, where the player has to place a chip outside of those three numbers. Therefore, the payout rate is 11 to 1, that is, if bet 100 baht, you will get a total refund of 1,200 baht.

Corner or corner

Also known as a square bet, this bet is a bet on four numbers on the board in the form of a square. For example, bet on the numbers 1,2,4, and 5, the payout winning bet will be 8 to 1. If bet 100 baht, the total winning bet is 900 baht.

Five Number or 5 numbers

A Five Number bet also known as a basket or basket bet. Can only be bet on American Roulette. This is a bet made up of numbers 0 00 1 2 and 3.

Players must place their chips on the line between the numbers 1 and 0. Although this bet is rarely played. But it is still a bet that can be played according to the rules. With a payout ratio of 6 to 1, which means that if bet 100 baht, you will get a total of 700 baht back.

Six Number  or 6 numbers

The Six Number bet, also sometimes referred to as a line bet, is a bet on numbers. 2 rows that combine the numbers together, all 6 numbers, which are the most common side bets, causing the payout rate to be 5 to 1, resulting in a total return of 600 baht if bet 100 baht and win

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roulette payout price For Announced Bets

Roulette Payout Price Announced Bets

If playing European roulette games Players will be able to bet on Announced Bets as well. Players will be able to make multiple bets by telling them and placing their chips on a specific spot on the board. There are two types of bets, namely Announced Bets and Fixed Bets.

Neighbors Of Zero

This term is used to describe bets that cover all 17 numbers on the roulette wheel. These numbers must surround the number 0 and the player must place at least chips. 9 chips to complete all 17 bets

The payout part is not fixed and may be up to 24 to 1 depending on which number the result of the ball falls on. Meaning that if bet 100 baht. It will get back all 2,500 baht.

Thirds of the Wheel

 The win payout is less than the Neighbors of Zero bet, which is the same as the Horizontal and Dozen bets, which is 17 to 1, that is, a bet of 100 baht will result in a total win of 1,800 baht.

Zero Game

If you want a bet that is similar to the Neighbors Of Zero bet, the Zero Game bet is available as it covers the seven numbers surrounding the green 0.

Causing the payout rate to increase, about 26 to 1. So if bet 100 baht, you will receive a total winning bet of 2,700 baht.

The Orphans

The Orphans bet is a bet on the 8 numbers between the left and right sides of the roulette wheel: 1, 6, 9, 14, 17, 20, 31 and 34.

The odds of winning this type of bet are 20% and the payout of the thousands of games is constant. Players can win bets up to 26 to 1 depending on different factors. If the player is able to win the maximum bet will get the total amount equal to the Zero Game bet.

The Neighbors and The Finals Roulette Payout

These two types of bets are arbitrary bets. Because it is a bet that does not specify a fixed format in any way. In which the player must look at the paytable or ask the staff in that casino for the payout rate to be clear as well. But for inexperienced players, it’s better to avoid betting like this.

Roulette is one of the casino games that requires a clear understanding of the payout methods before playing. Although some people claim that it makes the game more fun. But having a good understanding can help to avoid huge losses and potentially profit as well. Play in a real casino The calculations are not difficult at all.

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It can be seen that the roulette payout price The highest comes from inside bets that are more risky. But outside bets are even more likely to win. When the players become more skilled Players can also try announced bets in European Roulette. to increase the chances of winning more bets

So after reading this article Hopefully players will have enough information to make a betting decision and try to use it in real betting. interested in playing Click to enter. online roulette