‘Rooney’ vows to bring ‘Birmingham’ back to the Premier League again

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‘Rooney’ vows to bring ‘Birmingham’ back to the Premier League again

Wayne Rooney, former Manchester United striker who recently accepted a job managing Birmingham City, a team in the English Championship, with a 3 and a half year contract, revealed to the “BBC” that coming to manage the team this time The aim is to get Birmingham back to where it should be. Because this club is a big club. But it hasn’t been in the right place for the past 10 years, so it’s been a very challenging task. As for the team building guidelines Must focus on controlling the ball. Take the ball forward Create excitement for football fans But the most important thing is victory.

'Rooney' vows to bring 'Birmingham' back to the Premier League again

Rooney also said: Being a coach requires learning all the time. Even though he is a world class coach. Because football changes all the ทางเข้า ufabet time. Therefore, studying competitive games is very important. and must bring out the best potential of the players on the team Taking on this job can be stressful. But I like this kind of work. Because in the past I have always dealt with pressure. Since becoming a professional player at the age of 16, he has not been afraid to take risks to develop himself and his team. Because even if you make a mistake, you will still learn from it. 

Rooney gave it to Ashley Cole, a former Arsenal and Chelsea defender. who is an England teammate, and John O’Shea, a former Manchester United teammate, joins the staff.

As for Birmingham, they have been relegated from the Premier League since the 2010-2011 season and in the last 11 seasons. Unable to make the playoffs for promotion at all. Currently ranked 6th in the Championship, having played 11 matches with 18 points.