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poker vocabulary If players are looking for knowledge about playing poker online, this article will definitely help.

Welcome to this detailed guide to poker terms, from “action and ante” to “top pair” and “under the gun,” so relax and start learning those terms. better

Action Poker Vocabulary

It is a word that can be used in 3 meanings:

  1. Turn a card in one’s hand.
  2. Placing bets or gates
  3. A term that defines a game with frequent bets and overlaps.

In view of

All players are required to place a small amount of bet before the cards are dealt. To increase the pot before playing

Even though Ante is the same as placing bets before playing a game called blind, the difference is that everyone has to place that bet.

All-in (Out of Lap Bets)


It is a bet based on the total number of chips they have in the pot.

Backdoor Poker Vocabulary

It is a term for a player who obtains the desired card from the cards dealt in a turn and river in order to get a pair of cards in their hand. For example, there is a heart in the flop and the player holds a heart pair in their hand, so the player is You will want a heart card in your turn and another card in your river to get a “backdoor” flush.

Bad beat

When the player who holds the card above the loser, the opponent who holds the card under the flop, turn or river.

Bad beat story poker vocabulary

It tells the same story about bad beat events over and over again, no matter how many years have passed. which the content is nothing special But talking about it every time, it’s still exciting.

Big blind

The number of chips the player sitting next to the 2nd left-hand Dealer must place before the cards are dealt. The Big blind amount depends on the stake. Like Ante, the pot is raised before the start of play. Big blind is a bet on the first complete turn that is used as a blind because the amount of money is placed without seeing the cards. (Blind Betting)

poker vocabulary


It is a term used in conjunction with “small” or “big”. Read other online casino terms here UFABET.

For the players in these two positions, sitting to the left next to the dealer is Small Blind and next to Big Blind is a position to increase the pot before play begins.


It is a term for community card at the center of the table that players pick up to fill their hand.



It is a term for someone who is eliminated who is in the position next to the person who is in the top of the tournament to win the prize money. For example, in a tournament with 500 players, there will be money. Only the top 15, 16th position, known as ”Bubble ”, is perhaps the worst position in the tournament.

Burn Poker Vocabulary

Discarding cards before showing the next card The discarded card is called the “Burn card”.

In order to prevent memorizing the flaws of the cards, there must be a Burn card to cover the flaws of the cards so that no one has an advantage over anyone.


It is a position that means Dealer.

For dealers in casinos, this is noticeable by a plastic sheet called the Dealer Button, which is placed in front of the player, the dealer’s position is rotated clockwise by the player according to each shuffle for a new round of play.

This button position is good for the player who placed the last card of the round.


Tournament participation fee or the minimum number of chips that players must redeem before sitting down (depending on the table)

Buy-in is usually 20 times more than Big blind to make enough money to play. For example, if big blind is 10 baht, buy-in is usually 200 baht before you get a seat.

Call Poker Vocabulary

Fighting or placing bets in the pool to continue playing


Asking for a skip doesn’t fight in that round.

If not thinking of playing in that round no need to fight And there are only two options: bet on Check. You don’t want to bet, you can Check. If a player checks, the next player can choose to call (fight), fold (fold) or raise (getup). )


It is a situation where the player checks first before coming to raise (gatethap) later in the same round. This is called “Check-raise”

Cold call poker terminology

Cold call

This is to call more than two times by a single player, in which case there was a previous bet or raise. When it comes to the next player’s turn, Call again, called Cold call.


Playing cards that are lined up, such as 5 spades and 6 hearts, are called connectors, and if the cards are of the same suit, they are called “suited connectors”.

Community cards

Community cards are face-up cards placed in the center of the table. Players can pick up community cards and mix them in their hand.

Counterfeit Poker Vocabulary

The cards on the board are exposed to duplicate the cards in the player’s hand.

For example, a player has a hand of a pair of 6 and on the board a pair of AA-8-4 cards, in turn it is called “counterfeited”. If the river card turns out to be a pair of 8, it becomes a pair of 2 community cards, which are A better pair than a pair of 6 in the player’s hand.

It becomes that the player must use the highest card in their hand instead of that pair. If the opponent has a card higher than 6, it will win.

Cut-off Poker Vocabulary

The position of the player to the right of the button position.


A person who shuffles and distributes the cards to the players and onto the board.

Dealer button

delaer button poker vocabulary

The Button is usually a piece of plastic with the word “DEALER” on it to identify the player in charge. The dealer button will cycle around the table clockwise each round.

Poker Vocabulary Draw

Waiting for the cards to be dealt on the board to match the suit with the cards in your hand.

For example, when a player waits for one or two more cards to get a straight or flush and is called or raised in a round waiting for the desired card, it is called “drawing.”

Most draws will wait for the draw to be flush and straight, although it may turn out to be a full house.

Draw out

is a community card that is waiting to be dealt Make the cards in the hand that are about to lose come back to win.

Drawing dead

Waiting for the cards in the board to make your hand clear and win. Unexpected that other players will win first.

For example, a player has two pairs of cards and wants a full house from river cards, but the player has already got fours. Calling this “drawing dead” card waiting is an expectation but no chance of winning.


It is a term for the first three community cards that are dealt in the first round of betting.



Used to call cards of the same flower or color.

Fold Poker Vocabulary

Giving up in that eye will also cost you the money already staked.

A fold usually occurs when the player is confident that the battle hand of the other players on the table is not possible.

Four of a kind

A poker card made up of cards of the same number. 4 leaves, not related to flower or color

Full house

full house poker vocabulary

A poker card that consists of three cards and a pair of cards.

Gutshot Poker Vocabulary

Cards that are arranged straight, waiting for the numbered card in the middle.

For example, when a player has a hand of 5-6 and a flop of a 4-8-Q, a 7 must come out at the turn or river to form a “gutshot” straight.


Used to retrieve 5 cards from the player’s hand and community cards. The better the hand, the more chances of winning.


Used to trigger a game where only two players are left to duel.

Implied odds

Foreshadowing of the opponent’s call which if the cards have been dealt Players hope their opponents will call because players hope to earn more money. But there is no guarantee that the opponent will call.


Used to refer to a situation where two players have the same cards in a showdown where the person with the highest Kicker card wins.

For example, on the board there are 3-5-5-6-6 cards, where Player 1 has an AK hand and Player 2 has a KQ hand. Player 1 wins because it has a higher Kicker (A high than K) Player 1’s ace is called a “Kicker” because it has five cards plus two pairs of cards.


It is a slang term used to refer to a call, referring to a player who often calls and is not very aggressive.


A game that can be wagered or game with a limited amount of money.

It’s the opposite of “no-limit” games.

Muck Poker Vocabulary

The “muck” card is the total hand that is discarded when folded. Discarded cards are called “muck”.



A play where players can bet on all the chips they have. Despite the minimum But there is no maximum stake set. where players can bet or cross over with no limit, which in crossover games are called “limit” games

Nuts Poker Vocabulary

The “nuts” is the best hand that can be obtained in the game at the moment.

For example, if a player has two 7’s in their hand and their flop is 7-6-2, then the player has a “nuts” card that gets a 7, which is considered a good card at the time, but if in turn Then a card comes out of 5, that player has no “nuts”, but will split up with someone holding 8-9 in their hand that has a chance of getting straight.

If the river card comes out as a 7, the “nuts” card falls back to the player as it has a chance of getting a four 7, which is considered the better card in that game.

Off-suit Poker Vocabulary

Used to call cards in a hand that has cards of different flowers or different colors.


omaha poker vocabulary

A variety of Texas Hold’Em where players are dealt 4 hole cards, using only two of them match 3 out of 5 community cards for the best possible hand. possible

Open-handed poker terminology

A game in which the cards in every player’s hand can be matched with the rest of the cards on the table.


Used to call Hold’Em when two hands are higher than the community cards on the board.


Used to call a straight from waiting for another card or two. For example, a player has a hand of 5-6 and a flop of 4-7-Q, indicating that the player must wait for a 3 or 8 card to be dealt from the turn or river. to get straight

An open-ended straight has a double chance of a “gutshot” because there are two cards that can make the player’s hand go straight.


When all players around the table get all buttons, it is called 1 orbit round.


Used to call cards that make the cards in the player’s hand match. While two players are all-in, Player One has an H in their hand and Player Two has a King in their hand. Indicates that the second player wants another king card. “Let’s just say this is an “out” card to win.


Used to refer to situations where a player has a higher card than either community cards or the opponent’s hand.

For example, in an all-in situation, two players must show their cards. If one player has a King pair and another player has a Jack pair, It is known that the King pairs are “over-cards”.



A pair of cards of the same flower or color.

Pocket cards poker terminology

Pocket cards (or hole cards) are dealt to each player to match the community card.


If the player is “pot-committed” simply means that the player must call only because the money has already been put into the pot. and there is no reason to squat

Pot-limit Poker Vocabulary

A game that can bet or raise the maximum amount of the pot at that time.

Pot odds

The ratio of the pot money to the amount that must be called in order to continue playing.

For example, assume that the pot is a round number, for example, 100 baht and your opponent bets 10 baht, making the pot 110 baht. If a player wants to continue playing and calls, they pay 10 baht, making the odds 11 to. 1 If you are confident that you have a good card in your hand and have a chance to win, you must call

And if a player is waiting for a better card to come out and is confident that their chances of winning are more than 11 to 1, they must call as well.

Quads Poker Vocabulary


4 cards of the same flower or color

Rainbow Poker Vocabulary

A flop that has no cards of the same suit, e.g. 3 cards of different flowers or different colors.


Fees or commissions collected from the pool

Ring game

A standard poker game characterized by bets on each round of cards.


The fifth community card placed on the board.

Rock Poker Vocabulary

A slang term for a “stupid” player, rocking requires a lot of patience to sit at long tables without putting money in the pot until the showdown, when that player has started betting is usually the winner.


Betting more than the minimum, raise or raise will cause other players to be forced to fold or wager an additional amount.

Royal flush

royal flush

The best suit in the game in either standard poker or video poker is a straight flush, the highest set (10-JQKA) of the same color or suit.

Satellite Poker Vocabulary

It’s called a tournament where you buy-in with a small amount of money and get a payout of the sum of all the competitors and the winner goes on to a bigger tournament instead of the prize money.

Satellites are tournaments that allow players to participate in tournament games with higher payouts despite initial buy-in with a small amount (15,000 baht vs 300,000 baht).


It is a bluff where a hand card has the potential to become a turn or river card if the bluff doesn’t work.


This applies to having the same number of points as the pair in our hand, allowing them to be combined into a three-of-a-kind.

Short stack

It is a term used when a player has fewer chips than other players in a table or tournament.


poker vocabulary showdown

It is the final bet that the remaining players must show their cards. This can only happen if a player calls in the final round of betting or someone is all-in before the final round.

Side pot poker vocabulary

A side pot is a term for a pot where an excess bet is placed by an all-in player. Multiple side pots can be formed if there are multiple all-in players, which the all-in player receives. The pot is equal to the money you bet only.


It is a tournament where players sit and wait for the game to start until the players have completed the required number of seats.


Slow play

Used to summon players who take a long time to think in order to win that round. If a player gets a full house, the chances of winning are very high. But players may pull the game to get themselves a bigger pot.

Small blind

This is the amount of money that will be deposited at the start of the game that is half the amount of the Big blind.

The player to the left of the dealer button is the one who has to place a Small blind bet.

Split pot poker vocabulary

Called the outcome of a situation where two players have cards of the same value, the pot is divided equally among the players.


“straddle” is a pre-deal bet usually made by the player to the left of the big blind (position under the gun).

The straddle is double the big blind and “straddle players” may raise or gate again once they reach their secondary. Straddles are often not allowed in tournaments.

String bet

It was originally a forbidden game to place bets, whether it was a slow game or a long game.

In the event that someone is caught making a String bet, the dealer will deduct the additional amount due to the actions of other players that may cause it. “String bet players” are too advantageous.


5 consecutive numbered cards without necessarily the same color or suit.

Straight flush poker terminology

straight flush

All 5 cards of the same color or suit with the same number.


It is a term that describes a symptom or betting pattern that lets you know what cards your opponent has in their hand.


This is a symptom of a player who plays without consciousness, usually after a bad beat.

Time Poker Vocabulary

The extra time to think in the game that the time is less so that the dealer doesn’t skip the cards because we don’t do anything.

Top pair

The fact that we have the highest pair of cards on the Board


A multi-table poker event that starts with a given number of chips. Players must play to eliminate opponents in the tournament. And it ends when only one player has all the chips. Usually there is only 10% of rewarded players


poker vocabulary trips

The slang of the cards in the hand “three-of-a-kind”


Word to call the 4th community card.

Under the gun poker vocabulary

A term referring to a player seated in the position to the left of the big blind who will be the first to make a decision.