Mount hopes for Singha comeback as soon as possible after undergoing pelvic surgery

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Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount has given updates on undergoing pelvic surgery. Hope to recuperate in time for next month’s kick-off. But is expected to have to wait for the new season. Which is unlikely to be the same team or a new agency The UFABET event that the contract does not progress

Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount has posted a message on Instagram. after undergoing complete pelvic surgery that Everything went well. And he hopes to return to training in the coming weeks. In order to catch up to play before the 2022-2023 season ends at the end of May. But the media speculated that he might not be in time as he needed about four weeks to recuperate.

Mount hopes for Singha comeback as soon as possible after undergoing pelvic surgery

The 24-year-old midfielder has been dealing with a pelvic injury in the past few months. Causing him to play as a substitute for only 3 matches in the last 11 games. Although he is getting better But it was decided to treat with surgery to be cured and after the dilemma was completed on Tuesday, April 25, the elite star player. He informed the news to Sing the Blues fans via his own social media the following day.

The Instagram post read: “Yesterday, a small step was taken to deal with the discomfort I had for some time. Everything went well and I felt fine. time to rest But can’t wait to get back to training in the next few weeks! Thank you for all the messages of encouragement. And thank you to the team of doctors, doctors and nurses who took care of me. 

Mount ‘s contract with the Blues expires in 2024 and neither side has yet to agree on an extension, with  Liverpool and Manchester City monitoring the situation closely in case Chelsea. Decided to sell, however, Blues  fans are delighted that the operation was a success. And he has expressed his desire to return to playing before the end of the season, so there remains hope of committing a long-term future to the club.

On the side of Frank Lampard, the interim coach Came out to say earlier that the chances of Mount returning to help the team in the final match are quite small. That’s disappointing. He had had this pelvic injury for some time. So it takes time to heal, like Reece James , who hurts the hamstring. The absence of both players has had an impact on the team as well.