Martic: Vlasic is still happy at West Ham

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Nicola Vlasic’s agent Tonzi Martic has revealed that Nikola Vlasic is very happy at West Ham United.

Since joining West Ham United for a fee of 25 million pounds, Nikola Vlasic has been a substitute after only nine appearances in the English Premier League. Including seven as a substitute. And having just scored just 1 goal. The news of Nikola Vlasic’s transfer began to emerge immediately. Although only a few months ago. It was a team from the Russian Premier League who hoped to draw Nicola. Lacic joins the team in the January market immediately.

With former club CSKA Moscow hoping to bring Nikola Vlasic back to the club, despite being on loan. West Ham United have no problem with a release. Kola Vlasic goes on loan to other teams if the players want to move the team for more playing opportunities. But most recently. It is Tonzi Martic who confirmed that Nikola Vlasic still has. Joy at West Ham United. Deny rumors that West Ham United are ready to let Nicola Vlasic leave the UFABET team.

Nicola Vlasic continues to perform well at West Ham United. West Ham United have made it clear that they will not let Vlasic leave the team. Not a key player in the English Premier League.