how to cheat roulette In the casinos that are often found And what makes cheating players get caught

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How to cheat roulette It has been associated with casino games for a long time since they were invented. But for roulette. It is a game that is considered difficult to beat. Albert Einstein, one of the famous people who studied roulette in an attempt to beat casinos. It is even said that cheating in roulette is almost impossible. He said that the only way a player could win was to steal chips when the dealer accidentally.

how to cheat roulette

Although roulette cheaters use this method to this day. But many other methods of cheating have been developed. It used regularly in casinos around the world. When things have progressed a lot Many of the methods people use are rarely legal. They are generally overlooked in the casino world itself.

Still, some people find their chances of winning big and increasing their chances of winning too hard to resist. Want to know how roulette cheats work? This article will tell you everything players need to know. In addition to the most popular methods used by scammers. We also have examples of some people who have been caught cheating.

how to cheat roulette how to play for money

how to cheat roulette  how to play for money

That being said, cheating on roulette is very difficult. Do most people choose not to do it.  There are always new and more sophisticated methods. Now instead of focusing on the chip itself. Some people have begun to change the way of the game to increase their chances of winning. It reduce the house edge.

Although some experienced roulette scammers use methods that they have created themselves or modified. But here are some common methods that anyone who wants to try cheating can try it out.

wheel modification

play roulette for money

This modifies the roulette wheel in a way that makes the spins more predictable. One way to do this is to loosen a piece of the wheel which causes the ball to bounce less in certain areas. cause the wheel is not standard. This makes only certain numbers the ball will land more than others.

But keep in mind that this is only temporary as the casino’s automated software will eventually detect this anomaly. If the player knows where the wheel. The ball does not bounce. Will be able to take advantage of it during the casino is not yet aware of the abnormality.

magnetic ball

Because over the past several decades CCTV is a top priority at a casino. So the magnetic ball method is almost impossible. It’s even more difficult to get it back. But some roulette cheaters are still trying. Simply put, it is how to cheat roulette This replaces real balls with magnetic balls. So that cheaters can force the ball’s bounce through the use of magnets.

Interesting is Those who have tried this method rarely use magnets with magnetic balls at all. Players usually use a ball with a coil that has a special diode on it. To use this method The cheating player will see where the ball will land when it lands on the rotor.

If the ball does not land in the position expected by the cheating player The mechanism inside the ball works to move the ball to the desired area in order for the cheating player to win the bet. This whole process takes place very quickly. This means that the casino’s electrical system will not malfunction. making it harder to catch the offender.

Past Posting

Past posting is a foreign roulette formula. where the player will change the amount after the result is out Let’s say bet 600 baht on a single number using 4 $150 chips and the player knows they will win. Therefore, I would like to change my bet amount to get more rewards. Players who perform Past Posting will instead use their proficiency to switch from 150 chips to $600 chips, which greatly increases the amount of their winnings.

This is a very risky method as the dealer is especially wary of this behavior. And even if the dealer can’t detect this kind of behavior of the player However. So players cheat in this way there is no way to escape the eyes of the authorities.

Sector Targeting

Sector Targeting Roulette Cheats

Sector targeting is a roulette cheat method. That can not be 100% perfect because it also depends on the luck of the players who dare to try. Because if you think according to the theory. Even if it is possible But it’s too difficult for our brains to calculate. This is especially true of the increasing pressure in the casino environment. The theory generally focuses on players can find a point. Where the ball passes a certain point on the roulette wheel after a few spins.

if can Players can guess when the ball will slow down and use this point to guess where the ball is likely to land. Unlike other methods players use, Sector Targeting is not completely legal and there is no conclusive evidence that using this method can actually increase your chances of winning.

How to cheat roulette with laser and microcomputer  

Although this is another method that is less popular. But some seasoned cheaters believe they can use a device with a laser to predict the speed of the ball and wheel.

when you have this information They will input data back to a device such as a cell phone. or computer and obtain information on where the ball may land Although some people do not believe in this method. But some big roulette scammers have had success using this method.


Another way to cheat on roulette is to befriend the dealer. And as they grow closer, convince him or her to be more lenient in their bets. This collusion may include where the dealer allows some players to place bets later than the normal time limit so that the person can guess the outcome.

It may also be possible to inadvertently pretend to pay out a bet to one of their friend’s players even though they didn’t win in order to benefit the friend directly. This is another method of cheating that works only temporarily as casino security measures are in place to monitor these behaviors. If the dealer catches a collusion with the player There is a chance that both sides will receive heavy penalties. 

computer software

computer software

In the digital age, many players probably know that online casinos work hard to avoid people cheating their websites. Just like in a casino to have people who have the knowledge and ability to develop a method to cheat the system Provided that the online casino that people play does not use a random number generator. which players should not play or if they play, they can cheat. It is not illegal to use computer software to gain an edge over the house edge. But it may result in a permanent ban from that website if caught.

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Gambler used How to cheat roulette and get caught

Hardly anyone can deny how attractive it is to cheat on roulette. But it comes with such a high risk that almost no one thinks of doing it. the only place that makes how to cheat roulette Not illegal is on casino cruise ships that cruise international waters. Because there are no nautical laws at all.

You might think your chances of getting caught are slim. Especially if you’re a seasoned professional. But this is not always the case. Even groups such as the Serbian Team. Although cheating on roulette is a player’s choice. But we hope that these stories will open our readers’ eyes to the impact it can have if things don’t go as planned.

Serbian Team 

Serbian team

In 2014, two tech-savvy Serbian men and a Hungarian woman used a laser scanner from a cell phone connected to a computer to guess where the roulette ball would land.

This method uses a cell phone equipped with laser technology to decode the ball’s speed. The information is then sent back to the computer. Which gives the trio the information needed to make the most suitable bet. It can have serious consequences from the casino itself. London-based Ritz Casino.

They received £300,000 (approximately $361,864) of their total balance with a check on the remaining balance. surprising is Even if they are violating the casino rules and violating the laws around the world, obviously. But they walked out of the court without any charges.

How to Cheat Richard Marcus’s Roulette

How to Cheat Richard Marcus's Roulette

Richard Marcus is quite a legend among roulette cheaters. He began his career as a Las Vegas dealer in 1976, soon after he discovered that he had excellent roulette skills. He enjoyed a 20-year career before retiring. During that time, most He has used the Past Posting method, which works with other roulette scammers to place bets when the results are out.

during the weekend while he was still working Sometimes he earns about $100,000. But eventually, many casinos began capturing the network of rogue players surrounding Richard Marcus. Installing CCTV to keep themselves from being scammed again. But could not stop him Instead, he came up with an inventive way to deceive himself called ‘Savannah’.

He was named after his favorite Vegas stripper. This is to hide under two 150 baht chips to trick. But at the very bottom he hides 5000 chips. Keep the dollar and if he wins he reveals that high value chip, but if he loses he has to get those three chips back and place the $150 real chip instead.

Although Albert Einstein had predicted that how to cheat roulette that is very difficult to do But it was clearly not like that anymore. There are various methods of cheating, both wheel manipulation and Past Posting, which are very popular among roulette scammers who want to earn big money from gambling.  Because computer programmers create programs that can predict results quickly in a way that humans cannot.

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Even if you can see the whole picture of how good cheating looks But always remember that cheating can have consequences for cheaters and the casino itself. This could include a prison sentence. This could result in players having financial hardship during the investigation.

Although the law can’t blame players for cheating. But they may not be able to apply that skill to casinos or use them in online casinos anymore. Ultimately, regardless of whether the player chooses to take this risk or not. But we urge players to carefully weigh the pros and cons before deciding to use the cheats.