Gerard reveals the team must be more aggressive, especially in the box

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Aston Villa’s England manager Steven Gerard has revealed his players should have been more aggressive, especially in the box after having had several shots but failed to convert them in the last UFABET game.

Steven Gerrard’s arrival has made Aston Villa’s performance much better. Especially the attacking game that is very aggressive and scores more goals than Dean Smith’s era. Stan Villa are already well-placed in the middle of the table. They have the chance to win European Cups next season. If they continue to perform well despite facing Manchester United in the FA Cup. But Aston Villa are fully prepared.

Plus over 90 minutes, it was Aston Villa who performed much better. Almost scored many times but the only mistake was Manchester United got the goal first from Scot. McTominay and Manchester United were also on the winning side. Steven Gerrard hopes his players will be more aggressive. Especially in the box where chances should be changed. That can be built as a goal to keep winning.

“We saw a big opportunity in the FA Cup and we are also looking at the title, but unfortunately we have to finish the path. I am satisfied with the performance of all the players but it is good It wasn’t enough to help us win the game and I hope from the last few mistakes that people can learn to improve especially when it comes to aggression in the penalty area. Turn a lot of chances into goals.”