Conte reveals his players must give their all to beat Chelsea

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Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte has revealed that his players must give their all to win their next game against Chelsea in the Carabao Cup. The semi-finals, 2nd match

Tottenham Hotspur want to end their terrible record by winning the Carabao Cup even better and reaching the semi-finals makes it possible for Tottenham. Tottenham Hotspur will end the season with a trophy that starts to rise immediately, but facing Chelsea in the semi-finals will not be an easy task, even if Chelsea have problems within the team. Chelsea ended the UFABET game in the first half as the side led 2-0 and won without conceding a goal.

And losing before like this puts Tottenham in a difficult situation immediately. Because the next match needs to be won only. If they hope to reach the final in the Carabao Cup and win. A single goal was not enough to qualify for the next round, with Antonio Conte urging his players to pour their full lap to beat Chelsea. Tottenham are still looking to win the Carabao. W Cup even if the first match is the loser first

We know that facing Chelsea is not an easy task. Chelsea are known as the best team on the continent. Chelsea have just won the Champions League in the Champions League. Last season and Chelsea had some crazy reinforcements. Making the squad even stronger. But we’re ready to pour as much as we can to beat Chelsea. will defeat them.