A collection of online casino terms, Baccarat, Slots, Roulette, Poker, Blackjack.

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Currently, there are online casino gambling websites. happened a lot And there are a lot of people who are interested in it. However, few people know the terminology used in online gambling. Because most people will look at the gambling masters who come to guide the way of playing more. Today, our team will come to introduce various terms related to popular casino gambling. for everyone to get to know each other In order to be able to bet more fun than ever

casino vocabulary Is it important?

Of course, there are many gamblers who see that. we don’t need to know online gambling vocabulary was able to bet which is the correct answer Because actually most people will play with anything at stake. and placing bets in the original format But if you know about english vocabulary more about gambling It will make you dare to bet more strange patterns. By saying that there is an opportunity to give you the opportunity to earn more money than ever before.

Therefore, knowing about gambling vocabulary It is a very good thing. Because it will make you enjoy playing more than ever. which today we have gathered information Thai vocabulary About casino gambling games for everyone to get to know, whether it’s baccarat, roulette, slots, poker and blackjack, it’s full for everyone to understand as follows.

introductory vocabulary That should be known before starting to play baccarat.

Baccarat card game It is considered another game with specific Baccarat terms that are easy to understand. Makes most gamblers pay attention which each term will mean something Let’s see.

  • DEALER = A person who deals with cards.
  • Banker (BANKER) = Banker’s side or red side
  • PLAYER (PLAYER) = Player side or Blue side
  • Always (TIE) = Always
  • Draw more (HIT) = Asking for more cards which can be requested only when within the specified rules
  • Stay (STAND) = Do not draw more cards and must comply with its rules
  • Banker Pair (BANKER PAIR) = Predict the dealer’s first two cards. will be issued the same card
  • Player Pair (PLAYER PATR) = Predict the player’s first two cards. will be issued the same card
  • BIG (BIG) = Predict that an additional third card will be drawn in this game.
  • SMALL (SMALL) = Predict that no third card will be drawn.

Terminology that you should know before starting to bet on slots

Slot games are considered to be games with difficult vocabulary. And every gambler should study and understand before starting to bet. Today we have gathered for you to read as follows.

casino vocabulary
  • Line bet = box that shows the amount that we will use to bet per 1 line, which we can adjust the number of lines as needed
  • Lines = a field to display the number of lines we have selected. We can choose the lowest 1 line and the maximum according to the number of each game available.
  • Balance = a field that will show the total amount of our remaining credits at this time.
  • Win = box showing the amount received in winning each round
  • Total Bet = Field showing total amount. used to bet in each round
  • Paytable = a button that you can press to view in-game details whether it is a matter of payout rate symbols including the winning line
  • Max Bet = Button used to increase the maximum bet within the game.
  • Spin = Button that you press to start spinning the wheel or press spin.
  • Auto Spin or Auto Play = Button that is used to spin or auto spin. You can choose how many rounds you want.

terminology of online gambling roulette

believe that many gamblers would be confused with those Roulette vocabulary is very much because this game has a fairly specialized vocabulary. And today we have brought the terminology related to this type of gambling game to explain to everyone. to get to know and play more fun than ever

  • Column bet = selection of bets on the entire horizontal row
  • French wheel = The name used to refer to the wheel used to play roulette.
  • Game layout = area around the game table that looks like a number
  • Inside bet = All numbers bet open to bet
  • Outside bet = Outside bet. that is not a number Such as bets on zones, rows, odd even, high-low, black-red.
  • Street = is a vertical row bet of 3 numbers.
  • Corner bet = bet on all 4 numbers that are adjacent to each other.
  • Dozens = bet on 12 numbers in a row
  • High , Low = are high and low bets which will be divided into 1 – 18 is low and 19 – 36 is high
  • Odd , Even = Predict whether the next number to be drawn will be an odd or even number.
  • Red , Black = Predict the next round It will come out in red or black.
  • Single number = Direct number bet which will have a payout rate of up to 35 times
  • Zero = bet on number 0, which has a payout rate of 35 times.
  • Parlay = Keeping winning bets for betting in the next round
  • Green number = bet on numbers 0 and 00
  • Neighbors = means the number of bets on the left side or the right side of the number that comes out in that eye

vocabulary to know to understand how to play poker

Poker is an interesting game. And has been very popular in foreign countries. which at present in Thailand People are starting to pay attention as well. Today we bring the vocabulary for everyone to study together.

casino vocabulary
  • Button = Button to show that the player is a Dealer, which will change the holder in a clockwise direction.
  • Dealer = a person who is assigned to deal the cards. but actually not a giver but will be the last player
  • Big Blind = Refers to the player who will be forced to place the minimum bet of the table being played.
  • Small Blind = Refers to the player being forced to place a bet. Half of the table minimum
  • Flop = Refers to the name of the first 3 cards dealt to the table in the first round of play. This is seen as a face-up community card.
  • Turn = the name of the community card that will be dealt as the 4th card
  • River = the name of the community card that will be dealt as the last card or the 5th card
  • Check = that we choose not to place bets with the next player to start playing instead
  • Call = means to place bets equal to others. in order to continue to fight
  • Pot = The pot that everyone puts at the start of each turn.
  • Flod = We choose to surrender. by folding the cards
  • Raise = How we increase the bet. to fight with others

Terminology of Blackjack Gambling

As many people know Gambling in blackjack or 21 cards can be played at any time. You can also split cards. which is what makes many gamblers Still confused and wondering What does each word mean? Today we will explain to all of you to study in detail as follows.

casino vocabulary
  • Hit (draw a card) = Asking for more cards which can be requested continuously as long as the point does not exceed 21 points
  • Stand (Stop) = means that we choose not to draw more cards. because they are satisfied with the points that they have at this time
  • Split = This button will only appear when The first two cards received are of the same number, for example A , A or 9 , 9 , then the cards can be split into two piles.
  • Double Down (double the bet) = means that the player is satisfied with 2 cards in their hand and doubles their stake. before receiving the 3rd card
  • Insurance (insurance bet) = is that the dealer shows the first card as A, which we can then press the insurance bet button. But our bet amount will be deducted in half.
  • Even Money (collect first) = means that we get blackjack cards. But the first card of the banker’s side is an A, which if pressing this button will allow us to keep this type of card first. in order to avoid the draw

All of which are casino terms. that we have gathered for everyone to study By saying that some words, if not studied was unable to understand at all. However, we sincerely hope that This article will help you all. Enjoy gambling more than ever at ทางเข้า UFABET.