4 strategies for playing lightning roulette, get money fast that you may not have known before

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Lightning Roulette is a game very similar to European Roulette. But there are some new and unique features added to make the game even more exciting. For example, in a studio that hosts game tournaments, it’s not like a typical roulette venue. Because it’s like a TV game show with a dealer or a dealer.

The rules of play are easy to understand. Bets are usually placed on individual numbers, groups of numbers. Groups of colors when the wheel starts to spin. It will not be able to place bets. The dealer will rock a lever. All panels on the reels will be struck by lightning randomly selecting 1 to 5 lucky numbers.

Betting Straight-up on lucky numbers which will win bets between 50 times and 500 times the bet amount depending on the number of numbers drawn. So this article will talk about 4 Lightning Roulette Strategies to Help Players Make the Most of Their Bets

What is Lightning Roulette?

What is Lightning Roulette?

Lightning roulette is Another casino game That has developed playing Roulette online to be fun. More fun and exciting than ever The function of the game has been upgraded to be more diverse. Along with adding unlimited rewards as well

the specialty of Playing roulette is a new format. Lightning roulette payout There will be a special prize money called special bonus lightning. 1-5 numbers are randomly drawn in each round, if the result is out, there is a bonus lightning. Stay will receive a reward equal to the special bonus according to the number of times that appear.

For example, for example, number 15 has a lightning bonus of 100 times, this eye has chosen to bet on roulette number 15 with the amount of 20 baht. When the roulette number 15 results, we will receive an additional amount of 20×100 = 2,000 baht.

Lightning Roulette Game will be in the form of a live casino that will have dealers organize a show like a game show Take good care of the players while playing games with the display that Who are the players who received the latest award? and how much in total It creates an atmosphere like being in a game show. feel more fun and excited

For newbies, see an example of how to play basics at roulette sagaming.

4 Strategies for Lightning Roulette, Play and Profit

  1. Basic Lightning Roulette Strategy
Basic Lightning Roulette Strategy

Because in order to win a big win, you only have to bet on a single number or straight-up. One thing to use is to bet on every number itself.

Although doing this increases the risk. But if the result is a number that bets Players will earn a lot of money. but the risk is Although this is the simplest strategy. But many players rarely choose to use each other.

Therefore, it is important that players do not bet twice on losing rounds. in order to get back the lost money Because if a player bets on multiple numbers on the wheel and then loses 2 or 3 eyes in a row, it may result in losing a lot of money. If playing with this strategy

This type of bet is actually part of the Martingale strategy in European Roulette. Where bets are usually placed on red or black instead of all numbers.

  1. Paroli Strategy (The Paroli System )
Paroli strategy

The Paroli strategy is like a lightning roulette rule. That uses the Martingale strategy in referring but vice versa. That is, instead of doubling the bet when losing, it is doubling the bet when winning. For example, if bet 100 baht in the first round and lose.  round, bet 200 baht and if you win again, bet 400 baht, but if you lose, your bet starts at 100 baht again.

This Lightning Roulette Betting Strategy It focuses on consecutive wins and takes advantage of that winning streak. to get a lot of money Another advantage is Massive Roulette Payout Multiplier So players should bet straight-up or bet on single numbers to get a high multiplier.

  1. Lightning Roulette Strategy La Bouchere (La Bouchere Strategy )
La Bouchere Strategy

The name of this strategy comes from France. which is the origin of roulette And it’s a strategy that works best with online games. But this strategy doesn’t take advantage of any lucky numbers. Therefore, in order to get the most out of this La Bouchere strategy, players have to split their chips to play in specific ways:

The first is to divide the chip into one or two rows. which players can only do some casinos at all Players have to find out where they can do it. Then use the first and last digits in the row. To set the bet amount, the player basically has a row of numbers that look like 6, 8, 4, 2 and 2.

If the first number is 6 and the last number is 2, then the player must add 6 and 2 together to bet with 8 chips, then choose the next first number which is 8. In this example, the player takes 8 plus 2. On the other side, this causes the player to bet on the e chip of that row.

This strategy is a gambler to make sure. Players bet on an even number at the end of the session.

Most importantly, players should look for bets that give the best 50% chance of winning because the more you earn, the more you win. The more you have the chance to profit from the game. And since the player must wager “50/50”, the player can continue playing at any time until they make a profit. because in the end Winning a small profit is better than losing a large amount of money.

Another strategy that may be outside the eyes of many gamblers. But it seems that the trend is starting to be. Touch & Go Roulette Betting System

  1. bet with bonus
Lightning Roulette Bonus

The last lightning roulette strategy. That players may not have known is a game that uses bonus wagering to increase profits quickly.

All that players have to do is to find a roulette game. That is lightning roulette. That use real money to play and have bonuses as well

Which at present there are many online casinos. That has a bonus after signing up or depositing money, plus some websites may also offer weekly or monthly bonuses

Therefore, it can be seen that there are many ways to receive bonuses. That players can take to play many rounds of lightning roulette. It make money without having to spend their own money playing at all

But the thing to be aware of is that casinos always offer bonuses on a conditional basis. Bonuses may be subject to withdrawal conditions after winning, for example, some casinos will allow players to wager their money. 35 times the deposit before Players can withdraw money, etc., and in some places may set a higher amount. In order to prevent players who like to cheat or get money that drought.

Therefore, players should read the terms. Conditions for using the bonus well before using it so that there is no problem when withdrawing money Or if you want to find more recipes. Try it out at free roulette formula

Advantages of playing Lightning Roulette game

  1. have a high payout Even if the investment is small, it’s true. But the chances of getting a return of several times the stake It is very high as well. Because this lightning roulette game. There are prizes that are given out to players on average 1-500 times. It is more or less depending on the web casino that the player is a member of. set at how much
  2. Lightning bonuses give away credits most often. Many people like to play this type of roulette very much. because there is Lightning bonus giveaway that draws 1-5 numbers at random in each round Under those numbers, of course, are the bonus payout rates that give the opportunity to earn more money based on the number of numbers. which can excite the players a lot.
  3. Random play also has a chance to earn money as well. Usually, many gamblers choose not to choose a favorite or bet on a specific number. with very few chances of winning Although the payout rate is the highest, but today I would like to recommend to everyone. Try Lightning Roulette with 4 random numbers in each turn to see how It will help you make a few times the amount of your bet when guessing correctly.
  4. Limits to place bets It is the most interesting advantage of Lightning Roulette. Because the limit of roulette is the most comprehensive. It can be said that the player can choose to play from the lowest. Up to the maximum as needed.
    This limit is matter of setting money or credits used to place bets. Most gambling websites are set at a minimum of 10 baht per eye to a maximum of a hundred thousand per eye. Per game, known as having a small capital. Start little by little, but if anyone has a lot of capital You can choose to invest in large amounts at a time. There is also a chance to earn a lot of money at once.

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These 4 lightning roulette strategies will help both players enjoy the game of roulette. And make more money at the same time, so just choose a strategy that fits your wallet. It will allow players to win easily.